Stiftung fördert Wissenschafts-Stipendium / Frist: 08.01.17

2016-12-huntsman-cancer-institutThe Stiftung LebensBlicke ( awards scholarships to motivated and committed MD or PhD students in collaboration and co-funded by Prof. Dr. Cornelia Ulrich, Senior Director for Population Sciences at the Huntsman Cancer Institute. Scholarships for 6 to 12 months are addressed to MO or PhO students who are interested in advancing their career in a vibrant and highly collaborative environment to join an interdisciplinary team at the Huntsman Cancer Institute, Salt Lake City, United States. The Stiftung LebensBlicke wants to support the career of ambitious researchers especially in colorectal cancer tertiary prevention, colorectal cancer prognosis, molecular diagnostics, and survivorship. Ausschreibung /Einsendeschluss 08.01.2017

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